We can adapt to any budget and venue, from small intimate combos to full scale bands. Call us when you're planning your event and we will work with you to come up with the right configuration.


Full Dixie Ensemble   Great for weddings, big parties, or outdoor civic events.
Dardanella [RealAudio] [Windows Media] [MPEG]
Lazy [RealAudio] [Windows Media] [MPEG]
7 piece Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet/Sax, Piano, Banjo, Tuba, Drums
6 piece Same as above, minus either Trombone, Piano, or Banjo
5 piece Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet/Sax, Banjo and Tuba, OR Trumpet, Clarinet/Sax, Banjo or Piano, Tuba, and Drums

Small Dixie Ensemble   Ideal for intimate gatherings in smaller venues.
Quartet Trumpet, Clarinet/Sax, Banjo or Piano, Tuba
Trio Clarinet/Sax, Banjo or Piano, Tuba

 Swing Ensemble    Dance Party! 
Rosetta [RealAudio] [Windows Media] [MPEG]
4 piece Trumpet or Saxophone, Piano or Guitar, Bass, and Drums.
5 piece Same as above, with addition of Trombone
6 piece Same as above, with addition of Trombone and vocalist

 Duos    For very small venues, or for a "History of Jazz" discussion
                and demonstration concerts.
Diga Diga Do [RealAudio] [Windows Media] [MPEG]
2 piece Clarinet/Saxophone, Piano

About the music examples: Each excerpt is available in three different formats. For RealAudio, you will need RealPlayer Version 8. For Windows Media, you will need Windows Media Player. For the MP3 formats, various audio players may be able to play the samples.


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